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This company has been established in January 2009 and mainly served for Oil and Petrochemicals (O&P) inspection in the field of Korean oil inspection marketplace. It was incorporated as Korea Standard Inspection Services, Inc. (KSIS), where the company is well known for its professional service at both domestic and overseas countries.

With immediate effect of 25th April 2012, we represent SAYBOLT International Group as a “Franchisee of Saybolt” for all activities in the field of Petroleum, Petrochemicals, Bulk Liquid, Laboratory Testing, Agriculture, Logistic & Marine, Mineral and Industrial Goods Industries within the territory of Korea.

Our core focus will be Oil & Petroleum inspection, targeting all kinds of Petroleum Product & Petrochemical imports and exports together with Laboratory Testing Services and Crude Oil & Gas inspection. Inspection personnel are also fully capable of performing in the field of specific Oil & Petroleum inspection

KSIS has a network of branches covering all major Korean ports and provides high quality services for a full range of following fields:-

· Oil, Petrochemicals & Gas Inspection
· Agricultural Products and Fertilizers Inspection
· General Cargo Inspection
· Insurance Claim Adjustment

In support of KSIS’s cargo inspection services especially for oil and petrochemical products, the corporation operates a laboratory testing facility at Ulsan and Yosu, south coast of Korea. This testing and analysis services can be provided round the clock seven days a week.

Based on our fundamental business philosophy of confidence, integrity & fairness developing to the independence, impartiality and reliability to each concerned parties, KSIS is rapidly winning a good reputation as a leading professional surveying firm in Korea. We are ready to serve you whatever your business and wherever you are.

Furthermore, to meet the requirements of the client’s satisfaction and our own quality improvement, we have achieved to get an ISO 9001 quality system accreditation and we surely will do our best to suit every needs of the client with more improvement in quality.

We trust that brief introduction of our services will prove of interest to you and however, please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any further specific information.

We look forward to being of service to your esteemed company in the future.

Very truly yours,

Representative of KSIS