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01 Unless otherwise specifically agreed in writing each company in the Korea Standard Inspection
Services, Inc., (hereinafter called “the Company”) undertakes services in accordance with these
general conditions (hereinafter called “General Conditions”) and accordingly all offer or tenders of
service and made subject to these General Conditions. All resulting contracts, agreements or other
arrangements will in all respects be governed by these General Conditions. These General Conditions
shall be governed by Korean law, except to the extent that the law of the place where such
arrangements or contracts are made or carried out shall preclude any of the General Conditions, in
which case such local law shall prevail to the extent that it is at variance with the General Conditions.
02 The Company is an enterprise engaged in the trade of inspection and testing. As such, it :
02.1 carries out such standard services as are referred to in General Condition 6.
02.2 renders advisory and special services as may be agreed by the Company and as referred to in
General Condition 7
02.3 issues report and/or certificates as referred to in General Condition 8.
03 The Company acts for the persons or bodies from whom the instructions to act have originated
(hereinafter called “the Principal”). No other party is entitled to give instructions, particularly on the
scope of inspection or delivery of report or certificate, unless so authorized by the Principal and agreed
by the Company. The Company will however be deemed irrevocably authorized to deliver at its
discretion the report or the certificate to a third party if following instructions by the Principal a promise
in this sense had been given to this third party or such a promise implicitly follows from circumstances,
trade custom, usage or practice.
04 The Company will provide services in accordance with:
04.1 the Principal’s specific instructions as confirmed by the Company;
04.2 the terms of the Company’s Standard Order Form and/or Standard Specification sheet if used;
04.3 any relevant trade custom, usage or practice;
05.1 All enquires and orders for the supply of services must be accompanied by sufficient information
specifications and instructions to enable the Company to evaluate and/or perform the services
05.2 Documents reflecting engagements contracted between the Principal and third parties, or third
parties’ documents, such as copies of contracts of sale, letters of credit, bills of lading, etc., are
(if received by the Company) considered to be for information only, without extending or
restricting or obligations accepted by the Company.
06 The Company’s standard services may included all or any of the following:-
06.1 quantitative abd/or qualitative inspection;
06.2 inspection of goods, plant, equipment, packing, tanks, containers and means of transport;
06.3 inspection of loading or discharging;
06.4 sampling;
06.5 laboratory analysis or other testing;
07 Special services where the same exceed the scope of standard services as referred to in General
Condition 6 will only be undertaken by the Company by particular arrangement. Such special services
are illustratively not exhaustively:-
07.1 qualitative and/or quantitative guarantees;
07.2 tank calibration, meter calibration and meter proving;
07.3 supply or technicians and other personnel;
07.4 pre-shipment inspection under Government mandated import or customs schemes;
07.5 supervision of complete industrial project schemes, including engineering review, expediting and progress reporting;

advisory services.

08.1 Subject to the Principal’s instructions as accepted by the Company, the Company will issue reports and certificates of inspection which reflect statements of opinion made with due care within the limitation of instructions received but the Company is under no obligation to refer to or report upon any facts or circumstances which are outside the specification instruction received.
08.2 Reports or certificates issued following testing and analysis of samples contain the Company’s specific opinion o those samples only but do not express any opinion upon the bulk from which the samples were drawn. If an opinion on the bulk is requested special arrangements must be made in advance with the Company for the inspection and sampling of the bulk.
09 The Principal will:
09.1 ensure that instructions to the company and sufficient information are given in due time to enable
the required services to be performed effectively;
09.2 procure all necessary access for the Company’s representatives to enable the required services
to be performed effectively;
09.3 supply, if required, any special equipment and personnel necessary for the performance of the
required services;
09.4 ensure that all necessary measures are taken for safety and security of working conditions, sites
and installations during the performance of services and will not rely, in this respect, on the
Company’s advice whether requested or not;
09.5 take all necessary steps to eliminate or remedy any obstruction to or interruptions in the
performance of the required services;

inform the Company in advance of any known hazards or dangers, actual or potential, associated
with any order or samples or testing including, for example, presence or risk of radiation, toxic or
noxious or explosive elements or materials


fully exercise all its rights and discharge all its liabilities under any related contract whether or not a report or certificate has been issued by the Company failing which the Company shall be under no obligation to the Principal.

10 The Company shall be entitled at its discretion to delegate the performance of the whole or any part of
the services contracted for with the Principal to any agent or subcontractor.
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